2015 - year of the watch

(As the tiny lump of rock we call home hurtles through space and time, orbiting its sun, another year has passed.)

The watch industry has had a long and marvellous history. In the early days, making a high quality automatic watch was the epitome of skilled craftsmanship, commanded a huge premium in expense and labour, and was a highly rewarding endeavour - both to watch makers and owners alike. A good quality watch could be handed down for many generations as a family heirloom.

So when this simple and highly traditional industry met the first electronic quartz crystal digital watches, it was stumped. The introduction of digital watches led to a shake down of traditional watch making philosophies and paradigms, and led to changes in production that demanded economies of scale (e.g. Swatch was formed by various Swiss watch makers to mass produce cheap Swiss digital watches). The high end and luxury watch industry, however, have remained sort of oblivious and immune to the digital watch.

For example, take a look at the home page of A Blog To Watch today and you can hardly see any digital watches. There are occasional attempts, but none have been truly outstanding. I predict this scene will definitely change and that by the end of the year we will see major players in the high end luxury watch sector take a jab at high end luxury digital watches. Worth waiting to see if they will go hand in hand.

The antiquity of owning a handmade, manually wounded, automatic watch will soon come to pass.