No star should remain fallen.


Absolutely nothing should stop you in your quest to collect all the fallen stars of the world, but a couple of nasty monsters do - can you outsmart them all and succeed in completing your wondrous quest?

Nevergrid is an exquisitely crafted, fun puzzle game that is easy to understand and challenging to play.



  • Simple one touch swipe interface to control your player
  • Lots of monsters, each with a unique personality
  • Zone keys that help you unlock hidden regions to explore
  • Slide and freeze and knock out your enemies by collecting various powerups
  • Portals that allow you to jump from one location to another in a level, helping you outwit enemies that are on your trail
  • Destructing cells that change the layout of a level completely, and ultimately changes the way you solve a puzzle
  • Minimalist visual design with cute animated characters
  • Test your skills with 80 handcrafted levels



Game name: Nevergrid
Short description: A unique, turn-based puzzle game in which you try to outwit cute monsters that try to stop you from restoring fallen stars to the sky. 
Developer: Benzi Ahamed
Release Date: March 24, 2015
Platforms: App Store (iPhone® and iPad®)
Price: $0.99
Languages: English
Screenshots: Download